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Investor Review of EOS ICO

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Created by Dan Larimer, EOS has gained critical acclaim and made investors perk up. With his proven success with Steem and BitShares, Larimer has displayed an ability to attract success.

Will he be able to do the same with EOS?

For investors, this is a moment to look into the EOS ICO and see if it is a feasible option. Hopefully, this investor review of EOS ICO answers all your answers.

Key Features of EOS

Let’s begin the review with an assessment of the EOS created by Dan Larimer and his team. What does it provide to the world of cryptocurrencies?

Here is a peek:

1) Establishes Self-Sufficiency (5% Inflation)
2) Manages Faster Transaction Speeds With Parallel Processing
3) Offers Decentralized Operating System
4) Hosted On Servers Providing Block Producers
5) Apps Communicate With Each Other Through OS
6) Provides Full Transparency For Its Users
7) Apps Share Frameworks/Libraries Through Secure Database
8) Creates User-Friendly Interface
9) No Payments Per Transaction

The EOS aims to provide a semblance of balance to the world of cryptocurrencies by refining some of the holes present in the current system.

Does it do a good job? This review will help answer this question.

Details of ICO

The ICO or “Initial Coin Offering” remains a critical component in all of this as an investor and its details matter.

Here are the details:

1) Distributes 200,000,000 Beginning June 26th, 2017
2) ICO is One Year In Length
3) Vision To Increase Distribution And Increase Adoption
4) 700,000,000 Will Be Split into 350 Periods (23 Hours Per Period)
5) 100,000,000 Reserved For Block.One (No Trading Allowed)

Due to the unregulated nature of ICOs, it becomes necessary to dig deeper and understand what Dan Larimer is offering with EOS. Does it justify the attention it is receiving or will receive in the future?

Pros of EOS ICO


Robust System

The system is comprehensive, robust, and organized. You are not looking at a system that’s flimsy or will not stand up against the likes of Ethereum.

This is a market mover and is going to create change one way or the other. The built-in mechanisms are refined and illustrate purpose. This alone should make it an appealing fit for users who need a resolute solution in the future. Of course, performance metrics will release as time goes on, but the forecast is positive in this regard.

The system will not be the reason this falters. Investors shouldn’t worry about that.

Acclaimed Creator in Dan Larimer

Dan Larimer has built empires before and knows what it takes to hit the market running.

Whether it was BitShare or Steem, he has a good understanding of what it takes and will do well if everything goes as it has in the past. He is a unique personality and is highly professional making it an eagerly awaited venture. Investors know a safe hand is always a good bet and that’s what you’re going to see with Dan Larimer’s EOS.

Offers Unique Changes To Ethereum’s Setup

Ethereum has an inferior interface making it hard to use, and that’s something EOS points to.

It knows what those flaws are and has worked on correcting them. Users will appreciate this, and that should help with increasing adoption numbers. It is easier to trust a name that is seasoned such as Dan Larimer’s, and it becomes even easier when unique changes are brought into the mix.

This is why EOS remains a viable option moving into the market.

Cons of EOS ICO


Market Is Topsy-Turvy Right Now

The first con has to do with the unregulated nature of ICOs and how they work.

Of course, this is always a concern as an investor, but it shouldn’t be here. It will linger on one’s mind, but the signs are pointing towards a robust solution with the EOS ICO. It won’t be as flimsy as some of the others to hit the market.

Ethereum Expecting Changes Shortly

Ethereum is hoping to alter some of its mechanisms as a range of competitors flock into the market. They realize a change is necessary and that’s why they’re shifting to a POS setup.

This could damper some of the impact EOS has on the market with its system.

Concluding Thoughts

Is this a good investing opportunity?

Based on one’s educated guess on how things should unfold based on history, EOS is looking like a real winner and has potential to do well.

Yes, the cons are present with the EOS ICO and those are seen with each ICO that hits the market. You have to look at the advantages because this is going to be an intriguing investment, to say the least. Dan Larimer is a good name to bet on, and investors can rely on his credibility as a professional.

This is why it is a fascinating proposition. Hope you found this investor review of EOS ICO valuable!


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